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Make it short, descriptive, and exciting.

Your activity description is a chance to inspire guests to take your experience. Think about it like a story, with a beginning, middle, and end.

If customers need anything in order to enjoy your experience, this is the place to tell them.

You can provide food and drink, special equipment, a ticket to a concert, or anything else special to make your customers comfortable.


Where is your activity going to be based?

You can describe your location here if you know that customers struggle to find it


Select a cateogry that best describes what guests will mainly be doing on your activity. This will help guests find and book your activity.

Think about how active people will get during your entire activity.

Think about how experienced people should be to take your activity.


Add at least 5 high-quality photos to show customers what it’s like to take your activity. When guests are looking for an activity, photos are the first thing they notice. They want to get a sense of what they’ll be doing! They will be reviewed by our team so make sure they are good quality photos.

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